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I know what you are thinking -- the Personal Chef Service is EXPENSIVE! Think about all the time you will save (conservatively 10 - 12 hours a week) by not having to do the meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and clean up. Compare the cost of two weeks worth of shopping, plus all the days you either eat out or pick up fast food. Now factor in how many extra stops you make back to the grocery store for forgotten items.

Jeannie's Love of Cooking frees up your time so that you can enjoy the most important things in life.

Jeannie's Love of Cooking starts with a free consultation. During the consultation a detailed food questionnaire is completed to determine your food preferences and any restrictions or allergies. It is also during the consultation that a price for services is determined, depending on the size of the family and special diets. The price of the basic two week service for two starts at $350.00.


  1. Consultation - Meet Chef Jeannie
  2. Choose a Menu - You approve a menu designed to your food preferences.
  3. Schedule a Cooking Day - You choose a convenient day for Chef Jeannie to to come to your house to do the cooking.
  4. Chef Jeannie is Cooking - Chef Jeannie will do all the shopping, bring all the utensils, prepare and package your customized menu, and leave your kitchen clean, and filled with wonderful aromas!
  5. Eat and Enjoy! - Your kitchen now contains a variety of tasty, home-cooked meals! 

Traveling Chef
You may be wondering if Jeannie's Love of Cooking will travel beyond the Mid Columbia Gorge. The answer is yes, as Chef Jeannie has clients in Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, and even in California.

Call Chef Jeannie at 541-386-2258 to schedule an appointment

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